The short version…

My name Pär Cederlöf , I was born in 1971 and live with my wife Maria and our daughters Lia and Nellie. We live in a house in Länna, just south of Stockholm City.


My career began as an prepress apprentice at ReproMedia 1988. I did work my first years at the light table and on the prepress camera. Which eventually passed on to being an prepress operator when the Macs made ​​its entrance. 
I stayed there for 7 years.

After that I started working at DOT Repro as an prepress operator and retouch artist. It was then my interest in image retouching took off properly.

Then it was time for new adventures and I started to work on KåPe Communication. At KåPe I did work in a group with both retouching and prepress assignment everyday.

After a couple of nice years at KåPe, it was time to take a small step from production, to become an Production / Project manager at a printing company called Print Time. Which I ran with my father.

It was a short but educational time there, but it was time to move on again. 
I ended up working on Typografen. Employed as an retouch artist. The work there also included scanning images. Eventually, after some time, I became Head of the Image group, with responsibility over five retouch artists and scanner operators. On Typografen I stayed for about 4 years.

My new workplace then became Airbrush Digital Studio. My work there was mainly as an retouch artist, but it also included a lot of original and layout work. We worked independently with our own customer responsibilities, both in terms of production and project basis. With overall responsibility for every job, from the quotation to final delivery and billing. Airbrush was my workplace fore 5 years.

Which leads to where I work now. At Citat Image group in Stockholm. 
Here is my main role to be an retouch artist, but it also includes a lot of other prepress work. Such as document management and completion of print-ready pdf files etc. I have been here since March 2009.

Since October 2015 Citat changed name to Sitrus Agency. So from that day I now work at Sitrus Image group.


As a professional today, I see myself primarily as an senior/advanced retouch specialist, with a lot of expertise and experience in all prepress work. And in recent years, original and layout work. Logo design is also something I am passionate about. I believe that I have good experience and knowledge in customer relationship management / customer care and to operate a project from start to finish. I believe that good customer relationship is the key in everything I do.

In short I have a broad experience in the prepress world, with lace on advanced image retouching, BUT has a lot left to pursue in what I do at work and in life…